Monday, May 31, 2010

Cat Ladying--it was only a matter of time.

So today I bought a ceramic cat.

Really, it's a pepper shaker. I don't know how old it is, as much of a midcentury wunderkind collector as I am, I don't know a goddamn thing about salt & pepper shakers. I think they're, generally, kind of a stupid thing to collect.
(me? judge people for irrational collecting? Ask me how many copies of Lolita I have. Ask me how many times I've read Lolita.*)

It's got a "Japan" sticker, placing it after 1952 ('cause it's not "occupied Japan," you know), and I don't think it's that old anyway.

I have to wonder, was the salt shaker white? Or were they designed for black-cat enthusiasts?

No matter, I just initiated my destiny of Cat Ladihood. As if my tapestries hadn't already marked me, I actually didn't own any ceramic cats. Until today. It was five cents at a garage sale.

Did that nickel make me more or less a caricature? A pepper shaker is really just too perfect of a geriatric cliche , right? Though I swear I'm an old person, I'll never be that old, salt-and-pepper-shaker old. ( But then, I did photograph my ceramic cat with my actual cat.) Yesterday, I was pointed towards the horizon. Today I am picnicking on the mountain. It's a whole new journey for me from now on.

Look at squid. She looks like she thinks she's being replaced for a slimmer model.

*Answers: 1) maybe three or so, two of which are the same edition, but one's a later printing of that edition, but it's in better condition, so I just had to keep all of them.
2) never. I actually can't even read. True story.

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