Saturday, May 22, 2010

"I paint with shapes" - Alexander Calder

I went to Grand Rapids last night, this is the best I could get in a downpour driving by with the windows up. It's La Grande Vitesse, and you can still feel its force even through this, right? Alexander Calder, one-and-only.

Here's how it looks in full:

It photographs beautifully at night, but the only pictures I have of that are with me in front of them. Which is tacky, of course.

Some information:
Grand Rapids Sculptures, La Grande Vitesse
Some really excellent photos of it
40th Anniversary information

I went to Grand Rapids this past summer for its anniversary--the exhibitions at Grand Rapids Art Museum were amazing, as well as Fredrik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park. If you're anywhere near the city, and you love you some Sandy Calder (which you should, if you love abstraction and design and life), you have to see this sculpture, and GRAM is phenomenal if you like Calder, Ellsworth Kelly, Albers, et cetera. It's, I think, my favorite small museum I've ever visited just because its collection is so well aligned with my interests. And the Meijer Gardens don't disappoint, and they always have tons of Calders! Except they have way too much Chihuly. (Favorite Artist---Least Favorite Artist: Alexander Calder---Dale Chihuly). For the anniversary they had a love of the original studies and sketches, as well as a lot of his work, and newspaper clippings from the piece's installation in the 1960s (spoiler: Modern Art was Controversial!), and even memorabilia from its opening, like the cocktail napkins and invitations. Anyway, this sounds like a travel review or something, but I'm just Calder Fangirling. Calder 4evr! (Also, I have an impressive Calder book collection. I will share them someday.)

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